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Sep 3, 2019

We sat down with North Minneapolis resident and Community Organizer Roxanne O'Brien to talk about the grassroots activism against industrial polluter Northern Metals, growing up between North and Northeast Minneapolis, the relationship between Race and Class in the fight for change, the Upper Harbor Terminal and more. This is a first person history lesson from a front line soldier in the struggle for justice in Minneapolis and beyond. Thanks for tuning in, please rate and review the show and head over to Patreon to support


Roxxanne is a mother of three children who has been fighting for environmental justice in her neighborhood for 7 years. She is trusted among her fellow long-time residents of North Minneapolis and has worked tirelessly to bring issues of industrial pollution on the northside to the forefront, before many established organizations were engaged.  She was a key organizer around the elevation of Northern Metals facility for the past 7 years. For the purpose of pushing the city and state to face environmental injustice and racism in her community, she was on the Minneapolis Environmental Advisory Commission for four years, served on the city’s first official Green Zones Working Group and currently works on 3 councils and boards including the Environmental Justice Coordinating Council funded by The Mcknight Foundation. Roxxanne organizes with the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy, is a Lead Organizer with the Tactical Urbanism Lab at Juxtaposition Arts; and has received the Archibald Bush Leadership Fellowship and been a Nexus Community Partners BCLI Fellow.  She has been an all out activist on issues the holistically affect her family and community, including policy and police violence, homelessness, gentrification and is committed to making herself, her family and community a healthier environment for all to thrive.