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Jun 12, 2020

In todays episode we re-post the MPD 150 audio report Enough Is Enough: a 150 Year Performance Review of the Minneapolis Police. Formed in 2017 to mark the 150 year anniversary of the creation of the Minneapolis police department, the MPD 150 project fertilized the soil that produced the Minneapolis uprising in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. We offer our deepest respect to everyone who worked on MPD150 and all who have been in the streets these past few weeks. Justice for George Floyd and all victims of MPD violence. 

About MPD150: MPD150 is a participatory, horizontally organized effort by local organizers, researchers, artists and activists. It is not the project of any organization. We stand on the shoulders of the work that many organizations have been doing for years and welcome the support of everyone who agrees with our approach. We hope that the process that we are developing will help organizers in other cities develop practical abolitionist strategies.

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