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Oct 22, 2019

Today's episode is an affirmation of our love for poor people, our desire for beautiful things in our lives and a recognition that capitalism drives a wedge between the two. Our critique of Gentrification is not a desire for things to remain the same but a call for a new economic and political order that will support working people to thrive. Socialism is about collective wealth, health and power. Capitalist real estate development like what is being proposed at the Upper Harbor Terminal is about profits for a small clique of wealthy landowners. Gentrification shuffles poverty around, our goal is to organize it out of existence. 

As always huge shout out to Isaac Specktor for another beautifully produced episode. 

A piece of the song "Forgotten" by Alan Spiljak is featured in todays episode

"Forgotten" by Alan Spiljak (
License: CC BY NC ND (

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